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1. The Pines Point Marina, a Condominium Council of Unit Owners, Inc herein referred to as PPMAC, Articles of Incorporation, Declaration, and By-laws are hereby incorporated into the below rules and egulations.

2. All boats in the marina are to be seaworthy and in compliance with all local and federal laws, and are to be maintained in a sound "Bristol" condition with a current and lawful registration and equipped with adequate propulsion. "Bristol" is further defined as being generally tidy and clean in appearance.

3. The parking lot is for the use of the condominium owner, their guests and or tenants only; all others will be towed. No trailer parking will be allowed at any time.

4. Only one boat shall be allowed in a slip.

5. All boats must have a full marine insurance package (hull coverage, as well as indemnity and liability coverage). Condo/slip owners are required to provide a copy of the insurance to PPMAC or its authorized representative. A duplicate set of keys may be provided by condo/slip owner to PPMAC or its authorized representative. .

6. Condo/slip owners are responsible for removing their boat or that of their renters boat upon any emergency situation PPMAC or its authorized representative has the authority to act in the condo/slip owners, or his tenants absence or neglect.

7. Condo/slip owners are required to keep their area clean and not impede the walk or waterways at any time.

8. Condo/slip owners are solely responsible for any damage they, their guests, their boat, their renters, or their renters' boat may cause. It is the sole responsibility of the condo/slip owner to assure that any boat in their slip is properly secured.

9. No swimming or other in the water activity will be allowed in the marina. The marina is a NO WAKE ZONE.

10. All condo or other fees pertaining to the marina must be paid prior to use of the marina or any of its facilities.

11. All slips may be individually metered and billed for electrical usage.

12. All hoses must have self-closing nozzles and all hose bibs shall be turned off when not in use.

13. All boats are required to use 1/2" or larger lines of good quality, as a set of permanent lines for docking. Your boat when docked must be tied up the same, every time you dock. No vessel may extend past the outside piling more than; at "A" dock-3', "B" dock-3', “C” dock (odd #)-3',"C" dock (even #)- 6', "D" dock-8'.

14. Condo/slip owners shall hold PPMAC, and its authorized representative safe and harmless from any and all liability, injury, loss or damage.

15. It is the condo/slip owner’s responsibility to ensure that any marine service people and outside contractors employed by the condo/slip owners have current liability insurance and worker’s compensation of sufficient coverage to insure against any potential damage to the marina facilities or other boats in the marina. The condo/slip owner must ensure that any work done to a vessel in your slip does not create a disturbance, endanger, damage, obstruct or deface the marina's facilities, other boats
or their neighbors property.

16. Nothing at all is to be thrown into the water. All refuse is to be disposed of properly by disposing in the provided receptacle.

17. Nothing shall be mounted on the pilings or the docks. No modifications will be allowed to the docks or the slips. No structural alteration, construction, addition or removal of any Unit or General or Limited Common Elements shall be commenced or conducted except with the prior written consent of the Board in strict accordance with the provisions of the Declaration, these By-laws, and State and local laws.

18. Only 100% biodegradable ingredients are to be placed in the holding tank and/or portable toilets. NO OIL, FORMALDEHYDE OR OTHER HARSH CHEMICALS WILL BE ALLOWED TO PUMPOUT AT THE MARINA.

19. No fueling of boats is allowed in any slip or at the docks.

20. Any crab pots, live boxes, minnow traps, etc., that are not being fished or attended to will be removed from the water and or dock and will be discarded by PPMAC or its authorized representative.

Any violation of the foregoing Rules and Regulations or By-laws, will result in a violation fee of $35 for the first offense, and $50 for any subsequent violations. These fees will be due within 15 days of such violation notice. If the fee is not paid within this time, interest in the amount of 18% per annum will also be added and due. For the safety of all persons and PPMAC, PPMAC or its authorized representative may choose to correct such violation, and bill the slip owner a
minimum of $25 for any such service.

Please complete the Owner’s Information Form and return it along with a copy of your Insurance Certification. This information is required in order for us to be able contact you in the event of an emergency.

We are required request this information annually in order to keep our files current. Additionally, starting in 2010, when the required information is received we will provide the slip owners with an annual registration decal to be placed on their watercraft to certify the registration process has been completed.

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